Saturday February 27, 2021


Chairs: Sergio Harari (Milan, Italy) and Venerino Poletti (Forlì, Italy)

12.30 IPF and progressive fibrotic lung disease: same or different approaches?
Vincent Cottin (Lyon, France)

12.45 From bench to bedside on IPF: where are we on translational research on IPF
Maria Molina-Molina (Barcelona, Spain)

13.00 Interstitial Lung Abnormalities: only abnormalities or disease?
Sara Tomassetti (Forlì, Italy)

13.15 Does the microbiome matter in IPF?
Philip L. Molyneaux (London, UK)

13.30 IPAF: how to screen and treat
Elizabeth Renzoni (London, UK)

13.45 Treatment of acute exacerbation
Carlo Albera (Turin, Italy)

14.00 Discussion

14.15 Conclusions
Sergio Harari (Milan, Italy) and Marc Humbert (Paris, France)

14.30 Break

15.00 Introduction
Marc Humbert (Paris, France)

15.05 LECTURE. A potential therapy for rebalancing BMPR2: a new direction in PAH
(realized with the support of Acceleron Pharma) - No CME credits
Aaron B. Waxman (Boston, MA - USA)

15.35 Live discussion

15.50 End of the meeting and closing remarks